Clickfree App Installation Guide for Windows PC


Here's a step-by-step guide for the Clickfree App Installation for Windows Computers. 

1. Download the Clickfree Installer by going to our website CLICKFREEBACKUP.COM

  •  Click the Hamburger Menu on the Left Corner. 


2. Click the Download Apps option.


3. Scroll down a bit and look for the Clickfree for Windows PCs hyperlink. 


4. You will then see multiple buttons to choose from. 

► Click the Install button - This option will download the Clcikfree Installer that is compatible with Operating Systems running Windows 8, 10, and 11. 

Uninstall button - If you have already installed Clickfree and want to remove it from your Computer, then this is the option you can choose. 

Windows 7 64 BIT button- If your computer runs Windows 7, you can choose this option in order for you to download the compatible software version of the Clickfree App to your Windows 7 Computer. 

5. After you Click on Install, an Executable file will be downloaded and can be found on the Downloads library of your browser. If you're using the Google Chrome browser, Click on the arrow pointing down or you can press the WIN key + J key on your keyboard. 

  • For other browsers like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, just press the WIN key + J key and it will take you to the Downloads library of the browser. 

► The executable file name is setup.exe


6. After you click on the exe file, it will start downloading. 



7. Once it is finished downloading, you will then get a prompt window from the Clickfree app. This means that the CLICKFREE APP has been installed successfully. 

  • Click on the CLOSE button.


8. The Clickfree App Launches, Click on the SKIP button. 


  • IF the Clickfree is not yet connected to your Computer, the USB indicator on the upper right corner will show RED.


  • It will then ask you to Plugin the Clickfree to your computer. Please connect the Clickfree drive to the USB Port of your Computer. 


9. Once you have plugged the Clickfree device into your Computer, there will be an Autoplay prompt message in the lower right corner.

  • Click on the Autoplay prompt message. 


10. After that, Click on Continue without Scanning



11. Then the CLICKFREE folder opens, you may close this. 


12. Look for the Clickfree App shortcut icon on your Desktop. 

  • Usually, the shortcut icon will automatically appear on the Desktop. If you're unable to see the icon on your Desktop, you may check the Start menu, just press the Windows icon on your Keyboard or Click the Windows icon on the lower right corner of your Screen. 


13. Right-click the Clickfree App and Click Open


  • Once the Clickfree is connected to your computer, the USB indicator will turn GREEN


Here are the features of the Clickfree App for WINDOWS PC: 

1. Transfer your Photos and videos to PC - This feature allows you to transfer the photos and videos that you backed up from your other devices like your Phone and Tablet/iPad. 


2. Backup photos and Videos to Clickfree USB - This feature allows you to back up the Photos and Videos from your Windows Computer. 


3. View Clickfree - This feature allows you to access the Clickfree drive and view the backup files. 


4. Backup from Facebook - This feature allows you to back up the Photos and Videos from your Facebook account. 


5. Backup from Instagram- This feature allows you to back up the Photos and Videos from your Facebook account.