How to Fix “There’s a problem with this drive, Scan the drive now and fix it” prompt

The message “There’s a problem with this drive, Scan the drive now and fix it” typically appears when the Clickfree device is connected to your computer, and Windows detects a potential issue with the drive. This could be due to several reasons:

  • The device was removed without using the ‘Safely remove hardware’ option.
  • The device was removed abruptly.
  • The device has been used on different computers, cameras, or game consoles.
  • The device is infected by a virus.
  • The file system is damaged or corrupted.


When you see this message, click on the Autoplay and you will have two options:


  • Scan and fix it: This option will initiate an error-checking process on the drive. If any errors are found, Windows will attempt to repair them. However, data available on bad sectors might be lost when Windows tries to repair your hard disk.



  • Continue without scanning: This option will ignore the potential issue and allow you to access the drive without scanning. However, if there are indeed issues with the drive, they could potentially worsen over time or result in data loss.


Remember, it’s always a good idea to back up important data and use the ‘Safely remove hardware’ option before unplugging your device. 

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