Format your Clickfree - iOS

If you wish to Format your Clickfree, which will delete/remove all the data currently backed up to your Clickfree device there is an option to do so using the Clickfree app. 

**NOTE: Formatting your device will be permanently deleted. If there are photos saved on the backup device, we suggest transferring them first to your PC/Computer or saving them to your USB or flash drive before performing this method.


1. Plug the Clickfree device into your Phone. 

2. Tap Allow on the prompt message. 

3. The Clickfree App Launches, Then Tap Permissions

After Tapping Permissions, the Clickfree App loads up. 



4. Tap the Hamburger Menu, that's the Three Horizontal Lines on the Upper Left Corner. 


5. On the Hamburger Menu, Tap Format.


6. Tap CLICKFREE (FAT32), Once selected there will be a Blue Checkmark on the right side, Then tap Format



7. You will be prompted to confirm that you DO want to Format your Clickfree. Tap OK


8. A prompt message will show asking to enter the formatted Disk name. 

Type in CLICKFREE, then Tap OK.


9. Formatting will Start.


10. After the formatting process, the Clickfree App loads up again. 



11. Once done, it will route you to the Formatting page. You will be able to identify if the Format was successful cause the Used part will show 0GB, meaning there are no files on the Clickfree device. 



12. You can also verify the Format process has been completed by checking View Backup Storage on the Clickfree Home screen.