Bigo live videos

Here are some reasons why the screen record video clip isn't playable.

1.) It might be possible that the media player on your Android phone does not support the video codec you are trying to play. Install a compatible application video player that can view different format/codec of video files, Applications recommended, VLC player, BS Player, or MX Player from the App Store. Once downloaded, plug the Clickfree on your Phone and go to option VIEW Clickfree. Locate the BIGO live video clips, and make sure to assign VLC, BS Player, or MX Playe media player for the Clickfree app. Most developers of devices/Gadgets are always updating their devices just to keep up using updated versions of Applications. Most applications are updated from time to time just to give user's best experience of high-quality videos and features.

2.)  If you are using a phone to view those said Video clips from the app BIGO LIVE, The app comes with a 720P and 1080P HD output, which has high-quality/codec videos. If you are using an older version of the phone, we assume that the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is not updated, (and cannot be updated). GPU specialized circuit designed to accelerate the image output in a frame buffer intended for output to a display. Modern smartphones are equipped with advanced embedded chipsets that can do many different tasks for example, the phone can handle heavy gaming apps, and social apps, view images/videos with higher core graphics, no errors, and depending on the user's programming. GPUs are an essential part of those chipsets and as mobile games are pushing the boundaries of their capabilities, the GPU performance is becoming increasingly important.

See if you can view the video clip files from the BIGO app using a Computer.