Datalogixx Backup Genius Device Memory not recognized

Take a deep breath, you can fix this problem, but you may want to have our Technical Support Team on the phone to assist.


Diagnosing the Problem: " When attempting to back up pictures, videos, or contacts, you get a Backup Failed error message using either the Green Circle or tap a selective Backup Function.

Tap the 3 lines (hamburger menu) on the left top of the screen and tap Format

If there is no drive listed on the screen and the Format button is greyed out, then it is probable that your Memory was formatted to another format. This is common when you use a PC or MAC to format the Datalogixx Memory USB. You may not have even realized you did this, but it is OK.  We can fix this.


There is a FREE simple utility called  RUFUS  which we will use to help correct this issue, so please download the Portable Edition to your desktop. The advantage to the portable edition is that it does not require any programs to be installed to your PC.

Double Click the program and install it using the default settings. When RUFUS launches, it will ask if it can check for a newer version.  Please allow this.

After the program displays on your computer, please insert your Datalogixx Memory device into your computer's USB port.  RUFUS will go out, detect the Datalogixx Memory USB device, and display it under the DEVICE section. Your Volume Label, Drive Letter, and size may be different.  This is normal and to be expected.


Check to verify the following information and enter as needed:

Boot Selection: FreeDos
Partition Scheme:MBR
Target System: BIOS (or UEFI-CSM)
Volume Label: DATALOGIXX
File System: Large FAT32
Cluster Size:  32 kilobytes (Default)


The Program display should look like this:


When Ready, click START.

A warning will come up confirming that you want to go ahead and format the Datalogixx Memory USB, and advise that all data currently on the drive will be destroyed.  

Click OK

That's it.  The RUFUS Program will process your request and reset the device back to the way it was from the Factory.  When completed, the program will report Status as READY with a green background.  Go ahead and click the close button.