Can I transfer my photos from my PC into my iPhone using the Datalogixx?

The answer is YES. 

You can transfer photos from your computer onto your iPhone by using the Datalogixx. 

Here's a step-by-step process on how you can transfer them. 

* Computer to Datalogixx: 

1. Plug in your Datalogixx device to your Computer's USB Port. 

2. Open File Explorer. (press and hold Windows Key + E key together). Or file explorer will open for you if given a few seconds. 


3. On the Left Pane click THIS PC

USB Drive: Device F/ D/ G (multiple names for the drives): this will be the Datalogixx 

4. Open the Clickfre drive and Create a Folder.

 > New > Folder

After Creating a New Folder, you can now copy the files that you want to transfer. 


5. Locate the photos that you want to Copy and Paste it into the folder that you created. 

Select the photos you want to move over to the Datalogixx. Right-click > Copy

Right-click > Paste

6. Once the photos have been successfully copied, you can safely remove the Datalogixx from your computer and proceed to your phone. 

Go to the Toolbar and Look for the USB icon

Right-click the USB icon and click Eject Clickfree

If it has been safely removed, you will get this notification on the lower left of your screen.


Then Unplug the Datalogixx from your computer. 


*Datalogixx to iPhone: 

1. Make sure that you created the folder(s) in your phone that you will want the computer photos to go into before continuing these steps. 

2. Insert the Datalogixx to your phone and Open the MO Disk App.

3. Tap View Back up Storage

2. Tap the Folder that you created on your computer. On the bottom part of the app, make sure Mo Disk is Highlighted in Blue for you to be able to see the backed-up folders/files. 

Sample Photo below

3. Select the multiselect option at the top right corner of the app.

4. Now hit the Select all button and all photos will have blue check marks. (You can select individual photos if you so choose)

5. On the bottom left of the screen tap Copy To.

6. Select iPhone Photos or iPhone albums

7. You can now select the folder(s) that you created in step 1 to put the images into and then select paste at the bottom of the app screen. This is shown in the second image here.

If you don't choose a folder and only select paste, the photos will go directly into the first folder, as seen in the first image.

8. Once paste is selected, the screen will change to transferring photos. Once the transfer is successful, it will route you to a new page with these options. Tap Transfer Complete and it will show the photos that were successfully copied. 

and you're done!