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How to confirm what files have been backed up to my Datalogixx

Your Datalogixx device will always scan through the directories to make sure it backs up all the pictures. However, if the picture has been backed up it will not back it up a second time. A quick check to make certain that the backup worked as intended would be to launch the Mo Disk App. Then tap "View Backup Storage" From the bottom of the page, you will see MO Disk and iPhone. Tap iPhone This will reveal the Albums structure and photos, videos, and contacts that have been backed up.

How do I transfer photos from Datalogixx to iPhone?

Here's a step-by-step process on how to transfer your backed-up photos from Datalogixx onto another device. This process is for iPhone devices only. 1. Insert the Datalogixx to your phone and Open the Mo Disk App. 2. Tap View Back up Storage. 3. Tap the Backup folder. On the bottom part make sure Mo Disk is Highlighted in Blue for you to be able to see the backed-up folders/files. 4. Tap the Phone Backup folder and Tap Your iPhone folder. 5. Then Tap or Choose the folder whe...

How to transfer contacts from Datalogixx to a new iPhone

Here's a step-by-step process on how to transfer the contacts that you backed up from your old phone onto a new device. This is for iPhone devices only. Connect the Datalogixx on your iPhone and Open Mo Disk App. 1. Tap View Backup Storage. 2. Tap the Contacts folder. Make sure that Mo Disk is Highlighted in Blue. 3. Press and Hold the contacts vcf file to Select. 4. Tap Share on the bottom part of the screen. 5. Then Tap Contacts. 6. Tap Add All Contacts then tap Sav...

Does this save voice mail, videos, contacts and texts?

Q - Does this save voicemail, videos, contacts and texts? A - This device can't save voicemails or text messages but can save videos, photos, and contacts.

Can I create folders in the MO disk app?

As of right now, you cannot create folders in the MO disk app. However, this is being submitted as a feature request to our development team.

Can I choose specific photos and videos to be backed up?

To choose specific photos and videos, first, plug in the datalogixx. It should open the Mo disk app for you, and you accept all permissions. You choose the first option on the app which is called backup photos and videos. Then you choose add wonderful moments. From there, you should be able to select the ones you want to be backed up. Once you have them selected, you hit the blue backup button on the bottom of the screen. It will then ask you to create a name for a new album for . Once you nam...

Can I transfer my photos from my PC into my iPhone using the Datalogixx?

The answer is YES. You can transfer photos from your computer onto your iPhone by using the Datalogixx. Here's a step-by-step process on how you can transfer them. * Computer to Datalogixx: 1. Plug in your Datalogixx device to your Computer's USB Port. 2. Open File Explorer. (press and hold Windows Key + E key together). Or file explorer will open for you if given a few seconds. 3. On the Left Pane click THIS PC. USB Drive: Device F/ D/ G (multiple names for the drives): this wi...