How to Allow Permissions in your settings - Android

If Clickfree is not detecting your Android you will need to enable particular settings. 

Why do permissions need to be enabled?
This ranges from reading the data stored on your phone, such as SMS messages and media files, through to using hardware including your handset’s camera or microphone. Granting permission allows the app to use the feature

Here are the steps on how to allow permissions on your phone settings:

*Close your Clickfree app and unplug the device.

-Go to Phone Settings.
-Scroll down and look for Apps.
-Tap Clickfree.
-Look for permissions.
-Confirm that  Camera, Photos, Videos,  and Contacts are allowed.
-Go back to your Home screen

*Restart the phone.

Note: if you have a hardcover on your phone, remove the cover to ensure that your Clickfree can be properly inserted into the port. 

*After restarting the phone, delete the app and reinstall it. 
*Plugin the device
*Allow permissions. 
*Tap backup everything

Hope this helps!
Below are screenshots for reference