How do I sign up for my Easy DSLR Blue Membership?

After you redeem your EasyDSLR activation code, please visit http://www.appkeyz.com/mallindex
Enter the code at the "Redeem Your TV Bundle"
Fill out the form to create a new account.
The following screen will appear once the form is completed:

Thank you for your activation of EasyDSLR   

Upgrade Value : $47 for the Blue Membership
Link to Download app for free http://www.easydslr.com/member
Redeem instructions: Login to EasyDSLR using your AppKeyzMall email and password   

Enjoy your Blue Membership, now lets achieve great photos

Scroll to the bottom and click "Logout."  This will log you out!  This is very important if you want to redeem more offers from AppKeyz!