How do I redeem my Five Year Technical Support?

Log onto our site, www.indemandsoftware.com by Clicking on the Customer Log-In link shown in the middle of the page.   Log into our secure server through use of your Customer ID and password from your certificate.   

Next, click the link titled "Pickup Product Keys for Pickup Product Keys for 5 Year Tech Support for a Tablet, Notebook or Televsion (Gold)" for your first selection.   On the resulting page will be Redeem Options Available.  Click the Redeem button and an invoice with the following instructions will appear.

To complete the registration for the 5 Year Technical Support for PC, Android Tablet, or Television.  We need the following information to be emailed to support@indemandsoftware.com:

Scan or image of the packing slip/invoice listing the device purchased from the shopping channel.  This is the information sent to you showing what you purchased.  Please do not crop the image and remove the shipping/billing information as this shows that the packing slip/invoice is for this purchase.

Customer ID number from the certificate.

Serial number from the device purchased from the shopping channel.  This information is located on the back or the bottom of the device.  It would start with SN: or SNID:.  We do not need the serial number from the InDemand Software invoice.

This invoice will also be sent to your email.