How to Copy Contacts from Clickfree to Android Phone

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to Copy the Backup Contacts into a Different Phone. 

1. Plugin the Clickfree into your Phone

2. Tap Ok on the prompt message.

3. Once done, the Clickfree App Launches and it will show USB Connected


4. Tap View Backup Storage


5. Tap Contacts


6. The Backup Contacts will show as VCF or vCard files.

Tap the VCF file. 



7. Once you open the VCF file, the contacts that were backed up will show with the Name and Phone number. 

Then Tap Import. 


8. Once you tap Import, There are 3 options to choose from whether you want to copy/save it to your Samsung Account, Phone, or Google Account. 

We highly suggest choosing the option PHONE, it will be copied/saved on your Phone's local storage.

Then Tap Import



After that, you can go ahead and check your Phone's Contacts to verify the contacts that you copied.