How to Copy Photos and Videos from One Folder to Another in Clickfree App - iOS

When you back up your Photos and Videos into the Clickfree device, the Files are saved automatically in one default folder and that is Media Backup. If you want to save the photos and videos in a different folder you can just copy them from one folder to another.

Here's a step-by-step guide on How to Copy Photos and Videos from One Folder to Another in Clickfree App.

1. Plugin the Clickfree device to your iPhone

2. Tap Allow and Permissions


3. Once the Clickfree App Launches, Tap View Backup Storage.  


4. Once you're on the View Backup Storage, Make sure the Clickfree on the bottom is highlighted in Blue so that you will be able to see the Backup Folders on the Clickfree drive. 

Then Tap Backup Folder


5. Locate the Backup Photos. 

e.g. Phone Backup Folder > iPhone Folder. 



6. Once you have located the Photos and Videos, you can go ahead and select the Photos and Videos that you want to Copy. 

To Select the files, Press and hold a photo and it will show small white circles on every photo.

Tap the photos you want to Copy and once selected it will show a Blue check mark on each photo. 



7. Tap CopyTo on the bottom left corner. 


8. Tap the Dropdown Arrow and Select CLICKFREE



9. Tap Backup Folder > Phone Backup > iPhone



10. Tap Create Folder on the bottom and Type the name of the Folder on the prompt message. After you create the Folder you will get a prompt message in grey that says Create Folder Success



11. Then Tap Paste on the bottom. 

Once pasted, you will be able to see the photos and videos that you copied from the other folder.