Clickfree - Scan and Colorize on Android

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to Scan and Colorize a photo using an Android device.


1. Plugin the Clickfree into your Android Phone. For most Android phones, the Clickfree app automatically opens. Some Android phones will also ask you to Open the Clickfree App. 

2. Tap Scan Photos. 

Make sure you grant the necessary permissions for the app to access your camera in order for the Scanning feature to work.

3. You should see a page that looks like this. Tap the Blue button on the bottom part of the screen to Start Scanning. 


Have your images ready to scan, Currently, the Android can only scan one photograph at a time. 

4. You will know it's detected when a square box shows up then Tap the Blue Circle to Scan the photo. Once done, Tap the Checkmark


5. After tapping the checkmark, it will route you to the next page, showing a thumbnail of the Scanned photo.

  • Tap the thumbnail photo to start editing.


6. After you Tap the thumbnail, there will be Three options on the bottom part which are Resize, Filter, and Colorize


7After choosing the Colorize option, this pop-up shows up. Press the colorize button to change the image.


NOTE: If this is the first time that you will use the Colorize feature it will ask you to download the Colorize feature to work. Wait for the download to finish and make sure that the screen won't time out when it is still downloading this is to avoid interruption. 


8. Once the Colorize feature has been downloaded. A pop-up Colouration in progress will show up. Once done, the Black and White photo will be Colorized just like the sample photo below. 


You will then get a small prompt on the bottom part of the screen that says "Colouration Completed". After that, Tap the Arrow in the upper left corner. 


9. Once you tap the Arrow, it will route you to the screen where it will allow you to scan another photo. 

You can click on Done on the top right. 

10. Now, you can save the Scanned photos into the Clickfree device or in your Camera Roll

  • Tap the Three dots in the upper right corner
  • Tap Multiselect
  • Tap Copy To on the bottom left


11. Then you can choose where you want to save the Scanned photo. 


12. After saving, a prompt message will show on the bottom part of the screen that says "The file has been saved to the external device" if you select the option Save to Clickfree. 



Remember, the quality of the scanned and colorized photo largely depends on the quality of the original photo and the conditions under which it is scanned.