Ghost by ClickFree

Clickfree Ghost- General Product Support

General Product Installation Instructions To properly install Clickfree Ghost please follow the steps below. 1. Download the product from its product page (all products are available at www.Clickfreebackup.com/apps). If prompted by the browser, click on the download confirmation. 2. After the download is complete, click on the downloaded file shortcut 3. Confirm the installation process by clicking on the “Yes” button. 4. Click on the “Install” button and let the installation process run i...

Ghost VPN Software Installation Guide for Android OS (Phones and Tablets)

ClickFree Ghost Product installation for Android Phones and Tablets A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Ghost VPN by Clickfree for Android (gVPN Product Installation for Android phones and tablets) Installation Guide: - On your Android Phone/Tablet’s 'Home Screen' interface, go to Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps) and type in the gVPN App name: “ClickFree Ghost”. Or directly get this app by clicking this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id...

Which Operating Systems does Ghost by Clickfree Support?

Ghost by Clickfree supports: Windows 8 Windows 10 Android iPhone Mac

Ghost VPN Software Installation Guide for PC

Learn how to set up Ghost VPN on your PC A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Ghost VPN by Clickfree for PC (gVPN Product Installation Instructions for PC) Installation Guide: - On your PC browser, type or go to (http://www.clickfreebackup.com)www.clickfreebackup.com (http://www.clickfreebackup.com) (https://www.clickfreebackup.com) - On your keyboard, click or hit “Enter” to redirect to the Clickfree Backup website landing page. - Click the “Hamburger icon”—a navigation...

Does Clickfree ghost save passwords?

That is a great question! Clickfree Ghost is not a password manager, which is the app that you are describing in your question. A quick Internet search will help you to identify a number of password managers that can be used to manage passwords which you can research to identify the best product for your specific needs.

What is Ghost by Clickfree?

Ghost by Clickfree+ Ghost by Clickfree+ is a virtual private network software that secures the connection between your device, the WIFI hotspot that you have connected to, and the world wide web. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE THIS? It is used to protect your online browsing from tracking, information snooping, IP logging, providing you with complete anonymity and privacy! ------------------------- Ghost by Clickfree+ is used to protect your easy-to-use VPN app for: - Windows - Ma...