Ghost VPN Software Installation Guide for PC

Learn how to set up Ghost VPN on your PC

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Ghost VPN by Clickfree for PC (gVPN Product Installation Instructions for PC)


Installation Guide:

  1. On your PC browser, type or go to www.clickfreebackup.com 

  2. On your keyboard, click or hit “Enter” to redirect to the Clickfree Backup website landing page.

  3. Click the “Hamburger icon”—a navigational symbol consisting of three stacked horizontal lines that indicate the location of a hidden menu.


4. When clicked, the interface will populate the menu option. Look for the dropdown option “DOWNLOAD APPS”. Once found, please hit "CLICK"!


  1. After clicking the “DOWNLOAD APPS'' option, the page will bring you to the Clickfree Applications interface. 

Please scroll down to reach the bottom part of the webpage. The “Ghost by Clickfree+ (gVPN) App for PC: Windows'' is located at the bottom of the page.

  1. Finally, click the hyperlink:Click here to download Clickfree Ghost for PCOr directly click this link to download the gVPN’s.exe file (executable file):  https://downloads.clickfreebackup.com/ClickfreeGhostSetup.exe

  2. After clicking the “Click here to download Clickfree Ghost for PC” hyperlink, you will notice that a “ClickfreeGhostSetup.exe” file is being downloaded on your PC. 


NOTE: When the file has been downloaded completely, click the “ClickfreeGhostSetup.exe” file to open and run the executable.

  1. Click the “Run” button to start and allow permission to the administrator’s  configuration settings to fully run the gVPN software.

  2. When successfully configured, it will “pop-up” a new window tab: “Welcome to the Clickfree Ghost Setup Wizard”.

  3. Then hit the “Install” button.

  4. Please wait while the Setup Wizard installs Clickfree Ghost. This may take several minutes.

  1. Afterwards, the landing page of the gVPN will populate, asking for a “License Key”. Please provide your dedicated license key to “Activate” your Ghost VPN by Clickfree gVPN subscription.

NOTE: The license key is given upon purchasing the product. It usually consists of a “20 ALPHANUMERIC” input.

  1. After filling in the license key in the form bars, click or hit the “Activate” button.

Note: Please wait while the application features are being updated.


NOTE:  Please standby for a moment. The gVPN software is getting ready.


Choose your preferred Ghost VPN Server Address to hide your real and current IP location to avoid personal data leakage that is confidential or worse, hacking.

NOTE: On the left side of the interface, scroll your cursor up and down for you to choose and select your virtual location and virtual IP address. 

  1. Click or select your chosen virtual location that is available in the given option. (Example: Germany)

  1. After clicking on your selected or chosen virtual network, click the highlighted button  “Connect”

  1. When clicked, it will connect to the server in the chosen location. 

Sample only: 

Your virtual location with a virtual IP address is generated and act as your virtual network server to protect from internet traffic and to keep your identities private online. 


HOORAY!!! You are now browsing anonymously. Your network server is secured from any type of internet data leakage. Enjoy surfing!