Backup specific photos/videos to memori.

If you do not wish to Backup EVERYTHING here is how to Backup specific photos/videos to memori. 


  • On the memori App Home screen tap Photos and Videos

  • Tap Backup Photos 
    • Top left corner

  • Your phone albums will display 
  • Choose what album you wish to Backup from 
    • The photo below is for reference: CF is the album selected to back up from 
  • Tap MultiSelect

  • Select your photos/videos
    • NOTE: You can select photos:
      • Individually: Tap each photo so the dot display a ✔
      • All photos per date: Tap to ✔the empty dot 
        • (Farthest to the right) 
  • Tap Backup All 

  • You will be prompted to create a Folder
    • This prompt will come up each time  you backup, however, after the initial backup you can continue to save to that particular folder OR create a new folder. 

  • Your Backup will begin 

  • A message will display once your Backup is complete.

  • To view the photos/videos you have just backed up navigate to the memori Home screen and select View Backup Storage

  • To find your backup folder navigate through your backup storage by selecting; 
    • Backup
    • Phone backup
    • iPhone