What is Norelsys NS1081 Permission?

Q. A message pops up saying " ClickfreePlus would like to communicate with the Norelsys NS1081. What does this mean? Should I allow it? A. Nothing to worry about. The Norelsys or NS1081 is a 4-channel high-performance USB 3.0 Flash Card controller. Thank means the Clickfree. It is visible where you see the 4 tips which are the Lightning tip, Micro B tip, USB C, and USB A Simply press allow or okay. Clickfree application is trying to communicate with Norelsys NS1081 which is the (Clickfree...

Can you pick and choose what pictures to Backup?

Q. "Can you pick and choose what to back up, or does it just copy everything? I have more pics than will fit on this, so I want to select what I back up." Yes, you can select particular photos or even albums to back up. Or you can select to back everything up at once. If you select Backup Everything, then it COULD take a long time to back everything up. For this reason, if you have a lot of photos, we recommend that you start with a full charge so you don't run out of battery before the phon...

What to do if Clickfree keeps failing backup at a specific image?

If Clickfree keeps failing at one specific image, then the next file may be corrupted. For example, fails at 1218, then 1219 is the image with an issue. Locate and Delete the image on your phone to continue the backup. If you still want the image, e-mail it to yourself or screenshot it so that you still have it, and that way the picture format will be changed as well (which also could have been the problem as to why it wouldn't back up that image).

What happens if images are updated/edited after they have been backed up to Clickfree?

If an image or video is updated/ edited and you had already backed this photo/video previously, Clickfree will update the image/video backed up on Clickfree. This means this will not back up duplicates of that photo/video on your Clickfree . That photo/ video will not duplicate.

Can I save the Scanned photos in JPEG format instead of PNG?

As of the moment, the Clickfree App doesn't have the option to make the scanned images saved in JPEG. Once you scanned a photo and save it, the file format is PNG. PNG files are mostly for digital image files and they utilize document compression, but not as much as JPEGs do. If you're scanning a photo PNGs are great because they're considered “lossless”, meaning they will produce a less pixelated file.

Do photos, videos, and contacts get deleted after clearing the Cache?

Clearing the Cache will NOT remove any photos from your device or computer. - The cache contains temporary files that help apps load faster. For instance, when you view profile pictures in the Facebook app, they’re stored in the cache. This way, they load instantly the next time you use the app. - By clearing the cache, you remove these temporary files. However, this action won’t affect your personal data or remove account information.

How Do I Replace Clickfree's Memory Card?

In the rare event it is necessary to replace the Clickfree adapter, the process of swapping the memory card to the new device is simple! Follows is both a video tutorial as well as a pdf instruction page that will show you how to quickly and easily perform this task! Download the instructions here: (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nunpEnO7PUTi6i5VXKfOb8kNjJqHlBs0/view?usp=sharing)

How Long Does it Take to Backup My Files?

Clickfree is capable of backing up thousands and thousands of your photos & videos!! Your first backup with your Clickfree device CAN take time. Remember it is the first time it is reading all of the files you have allowed it to. Sometimes, especially while backing up videos, it may seem like the Clickfree app has frozen when it pauses at a particular video file. Clickfree is ACTUALLY still backing up but it is most likely that the video it is at is a longer video, which makes it a much l...

How Do I get started using my Clickfree?

Clickfree is the easiest way to protect the photos you take on the go. Simply plug the Clickfree into your mobile phone or tablet, start the Clickfree app, and watch your Clickfree save all of your photos. Install the Clickfree App If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download the application from the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clickfreebackup.clickfree). If you have an iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad you can get the Clickfree (M...

Does Clickfree backup Documents?

At this time, Clickfree is an excellent tool to back photos, videos, and contacts from your Android, Apple iPhones and iPads, PCs and Macs. It does not currently backup documents. However, we have submitted this to the development team for consideration into future revisions ------------------------- If you wish to use Clickfree to backup documents from your computer, you can easily do this by using File Explorer on a PC/Windows, or Files on a MAC to copy the document file(s) from your ...

Can I use a socket USB port to charge my phone while Clickfree is plugged into it?

If you plug a USB stick (Clickfree) into a wall socket outlet is not a safe or recommended action. USB sticks are designed to be used with computers and other devices that have USB ports, not with wall outlets. Inserting a USB stick into a wall outlet could cause damage to the USB stick and potentially create a safety hazard. (Socket USB ports: They are similar to a Portable Power Outlet where you can charge devices)

Does Clickfree delete files?

Q: Does Clickfree delete files? A: No. Clickfree does not delete images or videos automatically as it processes them for backup. The Clickfree Development team specifically designed Clickfree so it has the ability to let the user decide what pictures they want to delete. The only way they would be deleted after backup is if the button was on for "Delete the local Backup" in the menu of the Clickfree app. You can check this by opening the app with Clickfree plugged into your phone, Op...

Does Clickfree backup Emails?

Q: Does Clickfree backup Emails? A: No, unfortunately, Clickfree cannot back up or save email. However, if you wish to use Clickfree to backup your mailbox, you can easily do this by using File Explorer on a PC/Windows, or Files on a MAC to copy the Mailbox file from your computer to your Clickfree and use Clickfree as a regular Flash Drive

Can I create folders in Clickfree?

Yes! You can create new folders on your Clickfree by doing the following:

How much storage does Clickfree hold?

Your Clickfree device can hold up to thousands of photos and videos! Clickfree comes with different storage capacities: - 64GB - Holds over 15,000Photos - Holds over 6.5 hours of 4K Video - 128GB - Holds over 30, 516 Photos - Holds over 13 hours of 4K Video - 256GB - Holds over 61,000 photos - Holds over 25 hours of 4K Video

Will Clickfree duplicate files each time it is backing up?

Clickfree has the capability of knowing what it has previously backed up, so you won't have to worry about running into duplicates each time you use your Clickfree device. Every time you are using your Clickfree device it will automatically resume your previous backup if you have not been able to do a complete full backup of everything on your device.

Can Clickfree open SKF files?

Q: Can Clickfree open SKF files? A: No Clickfree unfortunately cannot open SKF files. You would have to convert the SKF file to a PDF file. ------------------------- For example: If you are using Autosketch software, you will need to save the file as a DWG before you can convert it to PDF. On Autosketch software: - Click File> Save as> choose DWG (in dropdown box)> Save After that, once the file is saved as DWG format, you can convert the DWG to PDF file. ...