Bonesoundz (music suddenly stops) Bluetooth

The most common scenario this happens is when trying to listen to music and go outside, taking a walk, or slowly getting a little bit far from a specific device (phone, computer, tablet, iPad, etc)  from where your Bonesoundz got connected.


Make sure that you are not too far from your phone/device from where it is connected to your Bonesoundz. Please know that reliable Bluetooth connectivity of your Bonesoundz is up to approximately 15 meters (49ft)  away from your device/phone without any interference or material that may hinder the connectivity between the 2 devices. The product may work at a greater distance but it depends on the environment. If there are objects between devices, a Bluetooth connection is susceptible to connection loss. Objects such as refrigerators, metal doors, and metal studs in walls cause greater interference. Concrete, plaster, and bricks also make it harder for Bluetooth devices to communicate. 



NOTE: Make sure first to charge your Bonesoundz because there is a big possibility that while listening, the music will suddenly or automatically stop because your Bonesoundz Battery life is EMPTY/DRAINED.