Erase (Format) Your Bonesoundz - MAC

You can Format your Bonesoundz by completing the following steps: 

NOTE: Formatting will delete any music previously stored on your Bonesoundz


  1. Plug your Bonesoundz into your Mac
    -To ensure it is connected you should see a Drive icon titled Bonesoundz on your Desktop

  2. Open Disk Utility
    -To find Disk Utility press Command + Space bar and start typing Disk Utility until it appears and click on it. 

  3. Click on the Bonesoundz Drive
  4. Navigate to the menu bar and click Erase
  5.  A window will display to initiate "Erasing" (Formatting).
    -If the fields are blank, you will need to name the Drive Bonesoundz and be sure that the Format label selected is MS-DOS(FAT32). Proceed to click Erase
  6. You will be prompted that your Bonsoundz completely Formatted 

  7. Be sure to Eject your headset properly
    - Right-click (Ctrl+click) on your Bonesoundz Drive
    - Select Eject