Listening to Music on your BoneSoundz without a phone (MP3 Mode)

The BoneSoundz ZX6 can store songs and entertainment directly on the headphone’s built-in storage. It is easy to switch between the mode to play entertainment from the internal storage and the mode to connect to a smart device. The headset is in Bluetooth mode by default. Press the “power on” button twice in a row to switch to MP3 mode. Double pressing the “power on” button again will switch back to Bluetooth mode.

To load music onto the BoneSoundz ZX6 headphones:

Connect the BoneSoundz ZX6 to a Mac or PC computer using the magnetic charging cable included with the headphones. Once connected, the headphones appear on the computer desktop as a USB folder. Once visible, simply drop and drag songs, albums, or other common audio files into the folder for playback on the BoneSoundz ZX6 headphones. The supported file formats are APE, FLAC, and MP3.

To play music on the  BoneSoundz ZX6 headphones:

After loading the desired music on the BoneSoundz ZX6, disconnect the headphones from the Mac or PC computer using the magnetic charging cable included with the headphones and put on. Press POWER button twice to enter the MISC mode.  The BoneSoundz ZX6 headphone will announce that the headphones have entered "Music Mode".  After a moment or two, the headphones will start to play the music that has been loaded onto the headphone's local storage.  See the attached QSG for the local controls in MUSIC as well as Bluetooth Modes. 


If music does not play, it is very possible that the music file format is not supported by the Bonesoundz ZX6 Headphones.  The are many, many music file formats, and  not all of them are supported.  You can visit a related knowledgebase article which has sample public domain music clips that can be used to test to make sure that your Bonesoundz ZX6 Headphones are operating correctly!