PC Questions

How to Fix “There’s a problem with this drive, Scan the drive now and fix it” prompt

The message “There’s a problem with this drive, Scan the drive now and fix it” typically appears when the Datalogixx device is connected to your computer, and Windows detects a potential issue with the drive. This could be due to several reasons: - The device was removed without using the ‘Safely remove hardware’ option. - The device was removed abruptly. - The device has been used on different computers, cameras, or game consoles. - The device is infected by a virus. - The file sys...

How do I find out how much storage space was used and left on my TriplePlay both android and iOS using my computer?

Easiest way to know your Datalogixx storage status via PC.

What app can I use the Datalogixx with on a PC?

You can use your Datalogixx with your PC. The only difference is that you are going to download our Clickfree app instead of MoDisk (MO disk is the app for Androids and IOS) You can find the app here on our website: Get Clickfree Apps | Clickfree (clickfreebackup.com) (https://clickfreebackup.com/pages/apps)

How to take a screenshot on Windows?

During troubleshooting with Customer Support team, they may ask you to upload a screenshot of how a specific application or website looks on your device to help diagnose the issue. Since Windows Vista, Windows includes a built-in app to take screenshots called the Snipping Tool. To open and use the Snipping Tool, select the Start button, type Snipping tool, and then select it in the search results. To choose the type of snip you want, select Mode (or, in older versions of Windows, the arro...