Public Domain music - for testing purposes

Follows are several public domain songs that were downloaded from OpenMusic Archive

To verify BoneSoundz device operation please perform the following:

  • Connect your BoneSoundz headphones to your computer.   It does not matter if it is a PC or Mac computer
  • Download any or all of the music attached to this article to your computer.  ***CAUTION:  Make sure you know where you downloaded the file(s) to:
  • Open File Explorer (PC) or the Mac equivalent.
    • You will see the BoneSoundz device connected to your computer 
    • Navigate to the location where the Public Domain music was downloaded.
    • Right Click the mouse button and Click Copy
    • Navigate to the BoneSoundz Headphones
    • Right click mouse and click Paste
  • After the step above is completed, the Public Domain music selected will be viewable on the BoneSoundz headphones in Explorer.
  • Disconnect headphones from computer
  • Place them on head
  • Tap the PLAY button


When you hear the music playing on your headphones, this confirms the proper operation of the headphones.  

We are unable to diagnose or troubleshoot problems converting file formats from one tile format to another.