Triple Play can’t do anything without your permission.



When you first launch and use the Mo Disk app, you will be asked for several different permissions. It will ask for your permission to access your photos and contacts when

you attempt to back them up. If you attempt to take pictures or videos with the “use camera” feature, it will ask for permission to access your camera and microphone.

You must tap “OK” or “Allow” to all permissions for Triple Play to work. If you tap “Don’t Allow,” Triple Play will do nothing.

This is important: granting permission will NOT give Datalogixx or any company access to your device, your information or your photos. But Triple Play can’t save your photos, videos and contacts if you don’t give it permission to access them. Makes sense when you think about it that way!

If you hit “deny” for any of these permissions, you can fix the problem by going to your device’s settings. For iPhone and iPad the steps are as follows:

  • Go to settings

  • Scroll down to find Mo Disk and tap it. (you will find it listed alphabetically

    among your apps)

  • For each setting shown below, move the slider switch to the right, which is

    the green position as shown.

    Now your Triple Play can get to work!