I cant get my Clickfree to work on my Mac.

Did you happen to run into an issue when connecting the Clickfree Pro on your MacOs Computer?


Sometimes, when you remove your Clickfree Pro without first ejecting it from the Operating System, It will create LOCKED VOLUMES which will prohibit the Clickfree App from mounting the Clickfree Pro adapter and launching the program.  

In that case, we need to have this performed as much as possible to get the device connected. Fixing this is a simple process that will take just a couple of moments.


The Video demonstrates the steps which can be viewed, and the steps are also shown below so they can be printed and referred to while performing them.

Video Demonstration - Remove invalid volumes on MAC


A step-by-step process transcription on how to fix this issue:

Step 1: On your MAC, when the Clickfree is plugged in, it may show up on your screen as a drive. (If so, you can click and select 'eject' to properly eject the device)

Step 2. Please launch FINDER from the top of your screen (top navigation menu)

Step 3. And now, from the same Top Navigation Menu, tap GO

Step 4: Scroll down to GO TO FOLDER (Shortcut is Shift+CMD+G) and tap to select GO TO FOLDER

Step 5: Enter (type in yourself)  /VOLUMES and click GO. 
             Note: You should locate the name of your Clickfree. 

Step 6: Delete all Clickfree drives that you see. Right-click all Clickfree drives and hit delete.
             Note: Do not include Macintosh HD or the Beta if you have a Beta.

Step 7: Close the finder window once completed.

Step 8:  Plug in the Clickfree device. 
Step 9: After plugging in the Clickfree device, (note: user must be using 1.09) it will add clickfree as a device and it will go to LAUNCH. You should also be able to see the clickfree app bouncing at the bottom of your screen.

If you click on back up all photos and videos, it should show you all the pictures and files and it will back up all the photos to your Mac and will ask you if you want to see them.
Step 10: Please make sure you eject the Clickfree device properly. 


How to properly eject removable device:

On your Mac, do one of the following: You can eject the clickfree properly by using the command button and right clicking on the mounted image of the clickfree drive and hit eject. You can also select the item to eject, then choose File > Eject. In the Finder sidebar, click the Eject button next to the item's name. Tip: You can quickly eject disks from connected optical drives using the Eject menu in the menu bar.