Datalogixx information

How do I find out how much storage space was used and left on my MO Disk both android and iOS using my computer?

Simple and easiest way to know your storage.

Apple - iUSB PRO Application asks to communicate

Q: When I plug in my Datalogixx Memory to my iphone or iPad I get a screen that states iUSB Pro would like to communicate with the iUSB. - What do I do? A: Apple's Security defaults to verify that you acknowledge and agree to allow devices to communicate. This is to make sure that you plugged the device in. You should tap Allow to allow the iUSB Pro application to communicate with the Datalogixx Triple Play. If you tap ignore, the app will not be able to communicate. You will need to unplug the...

Is the memory installed in Triple Play?

Q: Is my memory installed? A: Your Triple Play Device comes with memory pre-installed and ready to be used. There is no assembly required. If you have questions, please contact a friendly support agent here:

The most important ingredient for a successful backup: time!

If you’ve got thousands upon thousands of photos and videos, a complete backup will take several hours to complete. Most phones store only a few images on the device and the majority in the cloud. Triple Play needs to make sure it downloads and saves every single one of those precious memories. We recommend having a full battery and setting aside several hours for your first backup. However, if you don’t have the time for that, don’t worry! The great thing about Triple Play is that it starts ...

Triple Play can’t do anything without your permission.

When you first launch and use the Mo Disk app, you will be asked for several different permissions. It will ask for your permission to access your photos and contacts when you attempt to back them up. If you attempt to take pictures or videos with the “use camera” feature, it will ask for permission to access your camera and microphone. You must tap “OK” or “Allow” to all permissions for Triple Play to work. If you tap “Don’t Allow,” Triple Play will do nothing. This is important: granting pe...

Download photos from Google Photos to Datalogixx on PC and phone

Here's how to download Photos from Google Photos to ClickFree using Google Account on a PC: STEP 1: On your PC, open "Google Photos". > Log in to the Google account where you previously saved the photos. ( If the account was already signed in proceed to the next step. ) STEP 2: On Google Photos, select the images you would like to save/download by pressing on one image, holding down "Shift" and then clicking on the last image. Or, checkmark the ones you want to save individually. ST...

The types of connections for Datalogixx

Connections: - Lighting (top) - usually for IOS devices - USB- C (left) - usually for Samsungs/ Androids (and newer IOS) - USB- C (left) - usually for Samsungs/ Androids (and newer IOS) - USB (bottom) - usually for PCs and MACs - Micro USB (right) - usually for Samsungs/ Androids - USB- C (left) - usually for Samsungs/ Androids (and newer IOS) - USB (bottom) - usually for PCs and MACs - Lighting (top) - usually for IOS devices