Formatting Clickfree on PC

  • There are some instances where your Clickfree is not showing up in your file explorer or desktop properly. This can be caused by several things (i.e. Clickfree drive is removed without safe removal, The file system is not recognized)
  • When this happens your Clickfree needs to be Formatted. Clickfree should be formatted to FAT32
    • NOTE: formatting your Clickfree will delete everything from your Clickfree. It is important to ensure that all data on Clickfree has been backed up if necessary as all data will be lost during the Format process. 
  • You will want to Download FAT32Format: https://www.grdian.com/s/guiformat-raab.exe

Formatting A Drive With Fat32format

Once installed, launch Fat32Format


1. Download the Fat32format tool by clicking on this link: https://www.grdian.com/s/guiformat-raab.exe

2. Once downloaded, the executable file named guiformat.exe will be located in the Downloads section of the browser. The sample photo below is using the Google Chrome browser. 

3. Double-click the executable file and click on YES on the permission and the portable software will Launched. 

4. Select the drive letter of the Drive to be formatted.

5. Select the Volume label. You will need to change the volume label to CLICKFREE 

   - Typically, the default values of allocation unit size are sufficient and should not have to be changed unless necessary

6. Make sure the Quick Format box has a check in it.

7. Once set up, Click Start.   

  - A confirmation prompt will appear, asking if you want to proceed with formatting the drive and that all data will be lost. 

  - Click OK to begin formatting the drive. 

8. "Done" in the formatting box will indicate that your Clickfree has been successfully formatted.