Air plus manual

Air plus manual

air plus pro airxstream manual

Air plus pro manual

Where are the instructions?

The instructions for the air pods can be found underneath the packaging in the box.

Mega Morning Deals - Airplus Pro

Mega Morning Deals - AirPlus Pro product. Message to cxs asking help is below: Copy and paste: Unfortunately, Mega Morning Deals is not 1 of our affiliated stores. Honestly, as much as we can help, indeed we provide to the extent of our knowledge but in your case, we could not proceed to assist you further because the product is not ours and Mega Morning Deals is not our affiliated store. However, I was able to gather their direct contact details and website: Email: info@megamorningdea...

Airplus 4 charging pad

The charging pad will be red when it is plugged in and not charging anything. Once the earpods are placed on the pad, it should turn blue and green lights should appear on the front of the case of the earpods. The earpods will be fully charged when four green lights appear on the front of them. If earpods are on the charging pad, but the charging pad does not recognize them, you may need to move the earpods around on the pad until it is recognized. You can always try a wireless charging ph...

Air plus pods won't connect via bluetooth

When the Left and Right Airplus earpod cut out, that is because the earpods have been independently paired to the device. The right steps to pair the Airplus earpods to a device is to: Take the Right earpod, which is the master and put it in pairing mode Once the device is in pairing mode, activate Bluetooth pairing on your phone, tablet, or computer once the Airplus earpod is paired to your phone, tablet, or computer then turn on the left Airplus earpod. The left Airplus earpod automat...

The pad is not charging

- Turn the earpods off using the multifunction button on each of the earpods. - Put the earpods in the charging case correctly. If you put the earpods in the charging case incorrectly, the case will not close. - The charging indicator light on the earpods will turn red while the earpods are charging - The charging indicator light on the earpods will turn OFF when the earpods are fully charged. - Connect the charging cable to the Lighting interface on the charging case....

My ear pods are not charging

If the cord it came with is not charging correctly, do you by any chance have a lighting cable that you can plug into the ear pods? If they charge completely when connected to the lightning cable, then the issue could be the charging pad itself or the placement of the earpods on the pad. When you put it on the charging pad, the display needs to be facing up and it should be in the center of the pad. When the charging pad is plugged in correctly, it should have green light around the edge. ...