How to scan images using my Clickfree for IOS

1. Insert the Clickfree into your phone. 
2. Click the Scan Pictures option on the main screen of the app

3. Hit the blue scan button at the bottom of the screen

4. The app will open to using your camera. Have your pictures ready to scan. (You can do six at a time)

5. When doing this, you should see gray boxes over the pictures 

6. Take the photos when they are all in the gray boxes. 

7. Resize them if you have to, using the little circles in the corners of the photographs.

8. Choose next

9. Choose a photo if you would like to colorize it (black and white to color, draw on it, give it filters or resize)

10. After this (or not choosing a photo), then press Done and Done again. They should show up in the Scan Photos option now. 

11. Now in the Scanned photos, you can hit the three dots in the top left corner and choose Multiselect. (The dot that replaces the multiselect can be used to select all images or you can select the ones you want by tapping on the images). 

12. Choose the save to button that shows up at the bottom of the screen and then choose where you want the photos to be saved to.