Transferring photos from Clickfree to your iPhone

To copy photos from your Clickfree to your phone, here are the steps.

Insert the Clickfree to your phone and Open the Clickfree.

Tap View Backup Storage.

Choose a folder that you would want to choose images from. 

Once you choose a folder, you will see your images. 


To select an image, hold down on an image with your finger for a second and the “Select all” button will appear at the top left corner of the app screen. 

You can use that button or select a few images you want and a blue checkmark will show up on the bottom right corner of the image’s thumbnail.


You can now choose the “Copy to” option and it will open the image on the right as shown above. You choose the “iphone album” option to move the copied photos into there. 

Once there, you will see folders that you can paste your images back into. 

You can also create a new folder to paste the images into.