OTG- Verify if the phone supports OTG Memory

Android devices can only connect to devices like Clickfree if they are equipped with a feature called “OTG" (On-The-Go).



This is a characteristic of Android and unfortunately, one we can’t do anything to change! The majority of Android devices today support OTG, but some do not. 


Many pay-as-you-go phones and some Chinese brands of Android phones do not support OTG. Sometimes company-issued phones that you get from work will not support OTG.


As a general rule, Samsung phones from the past several years will work, provided they are not pay-as-you-go or issued to you from work.

The best way to determine whether your Android device supports OTG is to search for the specific make and model of your phone online or contact the manufacturer.



If you have ever used an external drive with your device before, your device supports OTG.

Another method that may work is to download an “OTG checker” app. 

USB OTG Checker makes it easy to test whether your phone is compatible with USB OTG devices.

OTG or On The Go USB devices are devices that can be used on the USB port of your device via a suitable OTG USB cable.

USB OTG Checker does not allow you to do that testing. It will not change your device.

- check the presence of USB Manager
- check the presence of android.hardware.usb.host.xml
- find the list of connected OTG USB devices

Click Here to download a popular OTG Checker or scan the QR Code.