Warning! Time Machine

When using a Clickfree for the first time on a Mac, be aware of this Time Machine message.

“Do you want to use this device as a Time Machine Backup”?
Answer “No” to this message. 

If you answer “Yes” your Mac will format the Clickfree drive for use as a Time Machine backup. You will need to contact us to assist you with reformatting and reloading the Clickfree software.

To get started, plug the Clickfree adapter into a USB port on your computer. Normally, an icon for the drive will appear on your desktop. 
Double-click on this icon to open the drive.

If the desktop icon does not appear, you can start the Clickfree adapter by opening a Finder window (the smiley face in the dock.)

A window will open and you should see the Picture Keeper drive displayed in the left column under the ‘Devices’ section.

Click on it once to display its contents on the right side of the Finder window. Then double click the Desktop Clickfree -MAC file to start the Clickfree software.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Clickfree Support