Managing Installations

Manage BullGuard Installations



Step 1


Access your BullGuard account from here and login with your username and password.


Step 2


Scroll down to the Active Installations section which should look like this:








Step 3


From this list you can Enable or Disable the BullGuard installations you need by clicking the Enable/Disable slider (the green slider highlighted in the above screenshot). Each entry in the list shows the Device Name of the computer on which that installation of BullGuard was last recorded.


You can use the corresponding Device Name and IP address to match Installations from your account to actual machines.


To find the Product ID on a specific computer, you need to go through the following steps:


•    Open BullGuard by clicking on the desktop shortcut, or via Start > Programs > BullGuard.

•    Click on the Settings button in the upper right corner of the interface.
•    Select General.
•    Get your BullGuard product ID from the lower part of the interface.





To find the Computer Name right-click on Computer and select Properties (for Windows Vista, 7) or right-click on the Windows button and choose System (Windows 8, 10). In the window that opens you should be able to locate the Computer / PC Name.


Step 4


Finally try to re-login with your BullGuard username (email address) and password inside the BullGuard program on the computer which needs to have the BullGuard installation active.