Clickfree - MAC

How to properly Eject Clickfree from your Mac.

There are two ways to eject Clickfree from Mac properly. Note: Ejecting a disk on a Mac is a necessary step to prevent the loss of data. Here's why: To speed up the perceived operation of writing data to an external drive, macOS sometimes writes data to a temporary location in memory instead of writing it to the disk. If you unplug a drive before that data has been written, it could be lost. OR

How to ensure your ClickFree is being recognized by your Mac.

Clickfree showing as UNTITLED on your Mac- How to Rename


Formatting Clickfree on MAC

Mac OS users do not have to use a tool to format a USB device as they can simply format their drive through the Mac OS. Please follow the steps below on how to format the Clickfree on Mac: 1. Plug the Clickfree into your Mac and make sure that your Mac is reading your USB. 2. Open Disk Utility. To do this you can press Command and Space Bar then search for Disk Utility. 3. Once the Disk Utility window is open, you will brought to the menu below, and as you can see the External USB is sh...

Mac Clickfree versions to use

Here are the Mac Apps for our Clickfree that you can try to check and download: The most current version is V111 Click here to download (https://clickfreebackup.com/pages/apps) https://downloads.clickfreebackup.com/ClickFree_v110.pkg - https://downloads.clickfreebackup.com/ClickFree_v108.pkg https://downloads.clickfreebackup.com/ClickFree_v107.pkg https://downloads.clickfreebackup.com/ClickFree_v105.pkg https://downloads.clickfreebackup.com/ClickFree_v104.pkg I...

How to Fix 'The installation failed" error on Mac

Link to Tutorial steps (https://www.idownloadblog.com/2023/06/02/how-to-fix-app-installation-failed-error-mac/) Are you seeing “The installation failed” error when trying to install a Mac app using a .pkg, .dmg, .zip, or other types of downloaded files? This tutorial goes over all the solutions to fix this problem. One of the most frequent issues you may encounter when installing a new app on your Mac is being prompted with the following error message: “The installation failed. The Ins...

I cant get my Clickfree to work on my Mac.

Did you happen to run into an issue when connecting the Clickfree Pro on your MacOs Computer? Sometimes, when you remove your Clickfree Pro without first ejecting it from the Operating System, It will create LOCKED VOLUMES which will prohibit the Clickfree App from mounting the Clickfree Pro adapter and launching the program. In that case, we need to have this performed as much as possible to get the device connected. Fixing this is a simple process that will take just a couple of moments....

Clickfree unable to mount on MAC

There are two USB-C ports on the MAC. For the first USB-C port (the one closest to the back of the computer), make sure that the Clickfree is straight and use some force to push it in all of the way so that it registers. This is how Apple designed their MACs to be and it is a tight fit. For the second USB-C port, it may seem loose at first, but push it in all of the way until you hear a click.

How to find a flash drive on MAC

To find your flash drive on Macbook, you can (https://www.bing.com/ck/a?!&&p=2fe3b0f5bf060cd3JmltdHM9MTY4OTIwNjQwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOTg5OTc4NC1mMDkwLTZiZmEtMzlkMy04NTZjZjEzYTZhMzgmaW5zaWQ9NTc1OA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=19899784-f090-6bfa-39d3-856cf13a6a38&psq=where+do+flash+drives+show+up+on+mac+computers&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cua2luZ3N0b24uY29tL2VuL2Jsb2cvcGVyc29uYWwtc3RvcmFnZS91c2luZy11c2ItZHJpdmUtb24tbWFj&ntb=1) - Connect your flash drive to your Mac via the USB port. - Check the desktop for the flash d...