Features in app

Is there a way to organize photos on the clickfree pro?

The way to organize photos should be based on the photo albums in your phone. (Or electronic device). For example, if you have an album named "screenshots" in your photos and videos in the phone, then the album saved to the clickfree pro should also be called "screenshots".

Can I create folders in the clickfree pro?

For iPhones and iPads, you can create a new folder. You do this by clicking the view back up storage from the main screen of the Clickfree app. Then on the top left, there should be an image of a gray folder. Click on that to create your new folder. For androids, this is being submitted as a feature request.

Other available features

OTHER OPTIONS WHEN YOU SELECT IMAGES The copy to allows you to copy images and past them back into your phone/ iPad/ tablet. The trash can will delete any selected images from the Clickfree. The share option allows you to share the selected photos any way you would like. Text, email, etc. More allows you to rename a video or an image. And also allows you to cancel or use third party app (refence to videos)

How do I delete specific photos and contacts on my Clickfree with IOS

To delete specific photos on your Clickfree, you will go into your Clickfree app with your Clickfree plugged into your phone. Once the app is opened, you can click on "VIEW BACKUP STORAGE" from the main screen of the app (and you'll most likely want the backup folder after selecting the "VIEW BACKUP STORAGE"). Click on whatever folder you will be deleting images from. Once you have found the images you want to delete, you can hold down on one image for a few seconds and select multiple photos....

How do I transfer photos from Clickfree to iPhone?

To copy photos from your Clickfree to your phone, here are the steps. Insert the Clickfree to your phone and Open the Clickfree. Tap View Backup Storage. Choose a folder that you would want to choose images from. Once you choose a folder, you will see your images. To select an image, hold down on an image with your finger for a second and the “Select all” button will appear at the top left corner of the app screen. You can use that button or select a few images you want and a ...