To Pair to your phone or tablet


When the Airplus earpods are turned on, the Left and Right earpods will automatically connect to each other and the voice prompt will respond with “Connected”.  The indicator lights of the right earpod will flash alternately in blue and red. While the indicator light of the left earpod will flash slowly.


    • Enable the Bluetooth Pairing mode on your Phone or Tablet. Tap on “Airplus” to connect to the Airplus Earpods. NOTE:  IF you see 2 Airplus entries in available devices then the earpods are not paired together corrected. Power off both devices by holding the Multifunction button down for 3 seconds to power them off (See #6) and go back to Step 3 to power on the Earpods again.

    • When Bluetooth is turned off, the Airplus earpods will voice prompt “DISCONNECTED” and will power off automatically after 5 minutes.

    • When the Airplus earpods are powered on, they will attempt to connect to the last phone or tablet connected.  If you wish to use your Airplus earpods with a new device, please repeat the steps in this section.

      • Both Left and Right earpod are well paired before it leaves the factory.  The Right earpod is the master headset by default. You may pair the right earpod with your phones and tablets directly and it will act the same as if you paired both earpods .  If the earpods are accidently reset, please pair them manually per the following steps

        • Press and hold the multifunction button key for 6 seconds on both the left and the right earpods at the same time and release when red and blue light flash alternatively and the voice prompt responds “PAIRING”

        • They will be paired and connected automatically. Once this completed, the voice prompt responds “CONNECTED”

        • When paired successfully, the indicator lights of the Right earpod will flash alternatively in Red and Blue, while the Blue indicator light if the Left earpod will flash slowly.

        • Enable your Phone or Tablet’s Bluetooth Pairing function and search for Airplus to pair and connect.