Windows PC Clickfree manual installation guide and use of the Menu options



Download and install the Clickfree application software on your computer/PC. Click the link below to direct download the Clickfree Application for WINDOWS 10 and up: https://download.metoosoftware.com/setup.exe

Here's for a PC that runs on Windows 7
To install the click free Win7 first install Windows 7 tools then Install click free win7.
1.) Clickfree Win 7 Tool
2.) Clickfree Win7

Once the Clickfree application is installed, please proceed to use Clickfree Pro and experience the Clickfree application features.


1.) Plug in the Clickfree into your Computer's USB port.
Make sure that it is properly plugged in.
Once plugged in, sometimes there will be a prompt will show at the bottom right corner and it is the "AUTO PLAY" that has been programmed for better experience features and runs your Computer file Explorer faster. For Windows Computers, Click the prompt message "AUTOPLAY"'

2.) If there's no prompt message showing after plugging in the Clickfrfee, meaning - your computer features are all up to date. (OPEN THE CLICKFREE APP SOFTWARE)

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