How does it work

1. Plug the clean phone PRO into power suing the provided power cable and adapter.

2. Place the items (phone, EarPods, watch) in the chamber (may not all fit at once) and close the lid.

3. Gently press button on the top of the lid for 1 second for a 1 minute quick clean. For a full 5 minute clean, press and hold the button for 5 seconds. 

4. You will see the clear ring around the top of the device glow blue while lights are on, and sanitizing is in process. 

5. If the lid is not connected, the lights will not turn on.

6. For wireless charging, place any wireless charging compatible phone, face up, on the center of the top of the device. Your phone will then display the charging symbol. This can be used when the sanitizing process is on or when it is off. 

7. For aromatherapy, place 2 or 3 drops of oil in the receptacle on the underside of the lid. It will automatically activate when a cleaning cycle is started. Do not add more oil than recommended.