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What happens if images are updated/ edited after they are backed up to the Clickfree.

If an image or video is updated/ edited and you had already backed this photo/video previously, Clickfree will update the image/video backed up on the Clickfree. This means this will not back up duplicates of that photo/video on your Clickfree. That photo/ video will not duplicate.

Can you pick and choose what pictures to Backup?

A common question pertains to backing up "Can you pick and choose what to back up, or does it just copy everything? I have more pics than will fit on this, so I want to select what I back up." Yes, you can select particular photos or even albums to back up. Or you can select to back everything up at once. Of course, if you select to back everything up, then it COULD take a long time to back everything up. For this reason, if you have a lot of photos, we recommend that you start with a f...

How do I save my scanned photos to my phone or clickfree device?

To save already scanned photos, you should be in the Scan Photos section from the main screen of the Clickfree app. Click the image of scanned photographs and now you can click the three dots at the top right of the screen and choose multiselect (if you want to save multiple). Here all of the pictures will have small clear circles on them that allow you to select the images you want and when selected, they will have a blue checkmark. To also select just one image or a few, just hold down th...

Clickfree: How to Format. restore it to its original size and functionality/ erase device

You can easily restore your device to its original functionality/erase the device, (which is basically a factory reset ) On your device, this is called "Format" **NOTE: Formatting your device will be permanently deleted. If there are photos saved on the backup device, we suggest transferring them first to your PC/Computer or saving them to your USB or flash drive before performing this method. How to Format the Clickfree device: For Androids: - - Open the Clickfree app - -Tap...

What to do if a Clickfree keeps failing backup at a specific image?

If Clickfree keeps failing at one specific image, then the next file can be corrupted. For example, fails at 1218, then 1219 is the image with an issue. Delete the image on your phone to continue the backup. If you still want the image, e-mail it to yourself or screenshot it so that you still have it, and that way the picture format will be changed as well (which also could have been the problem as to why it wouldn't back up that image).