Clickfree - Android Installation Guide / Use of Menu Options

Clickfree App Installation Guide for Android:

First Opening the App

Tap “Allow”                                                        Tap “OK”                          This allows you to reach customer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               service right away. Type your Email if you would like to do that.


⬅ Backup Everything -  Allows you to backup     Photos / Videos / Contacts
⬅ Backup Photos/Videos - This option allows you to select Photos and Videos that you want to backup.

⬅ Backup Contacts - If you want to back up just your Contacts, you may choose this option.

⬅ Scan Photo - This option allows you to scan photographs that can be directly saved to your phone of the Clickfree.
⬅ View Backup Storage - This option allows you to view the backup files.

⬅ Use Camera - This option will allow you to take Photos and Videos that will be stored directly on the Clickfree device.


When you Tap the Backup Everything Button, it will start to back up all the Photos, Videos, and Contacts.


    Select backup Photos/ Videos

    Here, you can choose the option that you would like to do. You can backup all photos/videos. Or select which ones you would like to back up. 

When you choose “Select Photos/Videos to Backup”, you will be brought to this page. Select the images you want backed up and a checkmark will appear on the image. Then choose done. 

After selecting done, you will receive a saving notification and then “Photos saved successfully” notification. These photos will be in a folder in “View Backup Storage”. 


    Tap “Backup Contacts”.                   Hit “OK” for permission.           You will then receive a               

                                                                                                                   saving contacts pop-up.

                                                                                                                And then it will say saved successfully".     

Tap View Backup Storage on the home screen > Contacts folder. 


SCAN PHOTO: This is currently undergoing work by our developers From the main screen of the app, select the scan photos option.

You should see a page that now looks like this. Select the blue scan button at the bottom of the screen to start scanning. 

Have your images ready to scan, currently the androids can only scan one photograph at a time. Hold down the photo button for three seconds for the app to take a picture of your photograph.

    Once the photo is taken for scanning, your screen will look something like this. You will have to adjust the 8 round white dots around the image.

Select “Finish” when you have 

moved the 8 round white dots 

around the image. 


This will bring you back to the 

scanning screen and then 

select “Done” after taking all 

of your photo scans. 


You can now save the scan to 

the Clickfree or your phone. 


Once the photos are saved, they will now show up in the scan photos option in the app. Click on an image that you would like to edit. Take the one below for example. 

To resize        To filter       To Colorize

After choosing your image, you now have the ability to resize the image, add a filter to the image or colorize it (converting black and white to color). 

After choosing the colorize option, this pop-up pulls up. Press the colorize button to change the image. A loading symbol will come up as it takes at least 3o seconds. 

As this app is in development, a lot of the time the images are just given a pink hue for the androids. 

But, if a scan doesn’t work correctly right away, make sure to try different lighting, to not cast a shadow over your scan and try different backgrounds. 

After colorizing the image, a filter was added to this picture. Of course, you can choose to do one of the options, all of the options or none of the options. 


For this example, we will use the folder and photos that we just backed up. But you can check any folder here at any time to see any of the backups that have been previously saved into folders.

      Tap “View Backup               “Tap Selected Photo and video ".                “Selected files that were saved.” Or Whatever folder you would like to see. 

  • Use Camera

To take pictures and videos using your Clickfree, choose this option. 

Tap “OK” to allow the phone to access your camera and then choose “While using the app”. 

It will ask if you’re taking a photo or video and then open to your camera. 



The hamburger menu is the Clickfree’s Settings and this can be found in the Upper Left corner of your screen by tapping the three horizontal lines


Tap the Three (3) Horizontal      
lines on the upper left corner of your screen

  • Get Help - You’ll be directed to the Clickfree website to get help from live agents.

  • Erase device - Erase all files that were backed up in your Clickfree . (Note:) Make sure to save or transfer all those files first to PC/Laptop  before you proceed using this option.

  •  Check OTG support - OTG USB supports your device. Simply press “OK”

 FAQ - Instructions on how to use the Clickfree properly, also has a Button/Option to email us your concern.