Mega Morning Deals - Airplus Pro

Mega Morning Deals - AirPlus Pro product. 

Message to cxs asking help is below: Copy and paste: 

Unfortunately, Mega Morning Deals is not 1 of our affiliated stores. Honestly, as much as we can help, indeed we provide to the extent of our knowledge but in your case, we could not proceed to assist you further because the product is not ours and Mega Morning Deals is not our affiliated store. 

However, I was able to gather their direct contact details and website: 

Email: info@megamorningdeals.com
Phone: (800) 373-7101
Website: https://megamorning.deals/

Or you may directly contact the Distribution Center: https://www.onyxdist.com/

Lastly, we would highly suggest contacting directly the store from where you bought the product or the distribution center because they kept the wrong card manual. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a great day ahead and keep safe!