Clickfree App Installation Guide and Use of the Menu options For IOS (part 1)

Clickfree App Installation Guide and Use of the Menu options For IOS

First Opening the App

       Tap “Allow”                      This allows you to reach customer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            service right away. Type your email                                               

                                                       if you would like to do that.                                                           


⬅This here ensures that the Clickfree Pro is connected. If it is red, then the Clickfree is not connected correctly and will not work. 

⬅ Backup Everything - Allows you to backup all Photos/Videos/Contacts
⬅ Backup Photos/Videos - This option allows you to select Photos and Videos that you want to backup.

⬅ Scan Photos - This option allows you to scan photographs that can be directly saved to your phone of the Clickfree.

⬅ Backup Contacts - If you want to back up just your Contacts, you may choose this option.

⬅ View Backup Storage - This option allows you to view the backup files.

⬅ Camera Roll - Use this option to save photos/ videos directly to your Clickfree.

⬅ Backup Social Media Photos - This option allows you to backup photos from your social media accounts.


When you Tap the Backup Everything Button, it will start to back up all the Photos, Videos, and Contacts. It will tell you the number of those saved and still backing up. 


Select backup Photos/ Videos

You will be asked to give the app permission your first time. 

After permissions, click the gray arrow at the top to take you to the screen where you can backup all photos or select the ones you want to be backed up.

You can now select specific images or you can choose the select all button at the top to backup all photos and videos.  A blue checkmark will show when they are selected.


Press the blue backup button at the bottom of the screen when you're ready. 

And you will see a screen 

similar to this while it is 

backing up. 


A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generatedOnce you click the blue backup button, you can create and/or choose a folder that you want the selected images to go into.

The folder that is created will be found in the” backup” folder.








It shows how much space

those photos and videos

will take. 


NOTE: Release Space 279 MB - Can Delete photos (10) This is for the phone’s storage. For example:

If the cx deleted the 10 photos on her Phone’s  storage, it will free up 283.8 MB of space on her phone. 

Once the backup is completed, you will receive a notification and they will now be in a folder under “View Backup Photos” from the home screen of the app.