Clickfree Backup

Can Clickfree open SKF files?

Q: Can Clickfree open SKF files? A: No Clickfree unfortunately cannot open SKF files. You would have to convert the SKF file to a PDF file. ------------------------- For example: If you are using Autosketch software, you will need to save the file as a DWG before you can convert it to PDF. On Autosketch software: - Click File> Save as> choose DWG (in dropdown box)> Save After that, once the file is saved as DWG format, you can convert the DWG to PDF file. ...

Will Clickfree duplicate files each time it is backing up?

Clickfree has the capability of knowing what it has previously backed up, so you won't have to worry about running into duplicates each time you use your Clickfree device. Every time you are using your Clickfree device it will automatically resume your previous backup if you have not been able to do a complete full backup of everything on your device.

How much storage does Clickfree hold?

Your Clickfree device can hold up to thousands of photos and videos! Clickfree comes with different storage capacities: - 64GB - Holds about 30,000 Photos - Holds about 12 hours of 4K Video - 128GB - Holds over 30, 516 Photos - Holds over 13 hours of 4K Video - 256GB - Holds over 61,000 photos - Holds over 25 hours of 4K Video

Initial Backup with Clickfree

Clickfree is capable of backing up thousands and thousands of your photos & videos!! Your first backup with your Clickfree device CAN take time. Remember it is the first time it is reading all of the files you have allowed it to. Sometimes, especially while backing up videos, it may seem like the Clickfree app has frozen when it pauses at a particular video file. Clickfree is ACTUALLY still backing up but it is most likely that the video it is at is a longer video, which makes it a much l...

Can I create folders in Clickfree?

For IOS (iPhones and iPads), you can create a new folder. You do this by: - clicking the View Backup Storage from the main screen of the Clickfree app. - Then on the top left, there should be an image of a gray folder. - Click on that to create your new folder. NOTE: This currently is not a feature with Android, but has been submitted as a feature request.

Is Clickfree compatible with Televisions to view Media Files?

Yes, you can plug in the Clickfree device in your TV as long as your TV has a built-in USB Port. But for now, you can't download and use the Clickfree App with TVs, for it is not yet an available feature All you need to do is to treat the Clickfree as a normal flash drive. Our developers are still making some updates and we will post an update once we have this Application available for Television.

Can I used a socket USB port to charge my phone while Clickfree is plugged into it?

If you plug a USB stick (Clickfree) into a wall socket outlet is not a safe or recommended action. USB sticks are designed to be used with computers and other devices that have USB ports, not with wall outlets. Inserting a USB stick into a wall outlet could cause damage to the USB stick and potentially create a safety hazard. (Socket USB ports: They are similar to a Portable Power Outlet where you can charge devices)

Does Clickfree backup Documents?

At this time, Clickfree is an excellent tool to back photos, videos, and contacts from your Android, Apple iPhones and iPads, PCs and Macs. It does not currently backup documents. However, we have submitted this to the development team for consideration into future revisions ------------------------- If you wish to use Clickfree to backup documents from your computer, you can easily do this by using File Explorer on a PC/Windows, or Files on a MAC to copy the document file(s) from your ...

How many Photos and Videos will Clickfree hold?

That is a great question! Clickfree can back up thousands upon thousands of pictures and videos. For more specific details, see the table below!

Does Clickfree backup Emails?

Q: Does Clickfree backup Emails? A: No, unfortunately, Clickfree cannot back up or save email. However, if you wish to use Clickfree to backup your mailbox, you can easily do this by using File Explorer on a PC/Windows, or Files on a MAC to copy the Mailbox file from your computer to your Clickfree.

The types of connector tips on your Clickfree

Clickfree is universal to connect with all types of devices! Clickfree contains 4 tips: - Lightning Tip for iPhones/iPads - Micro USB for Android and Amazon Fire Tablets - USB-C tip for new Apple devices, Android phones & Tablets - USB-A Tip for PC & MAC Connections:

How to: Replace the memory card on Clickfree

In the rare event it is necessary to replace the Clickfree adapter, the process of swapping the memory card to the new device is simple! Follows is both a video tutorial as well as a pdf instruction page that will show you how to quickly and easily perform this task! Download the instructions here: (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nunpEnO7PUTi6i5VXKfOb8kNjJqHlBs0/view?usp=sharing)

The most important thing for a successful Backup is TIME

If you have thousands upon thousands of photos and videos, a complete backup will take several hours to complete that is why we recommend having a full battery and setting aside several hours for your first backup. Most phones store only a few images on the device and the majority are in the cloud. Clickfree needs to make sure it downloads and saves every single one of those precious memories. However, if you don’t have the time for that, don’t worry! The great thing about Clickfree is that...

Does Clickfree delete files?

Q: Does Clickfree delete files? A: No. Clickfree does not delete images or videos automatically as it processes them for backup. The Clickfree Development team specifically designed Clickfree so it has the ability to let the user decide what pictures they want to delete. The only way they would be deleted after backup is if the button was on for "Delete the local Backup" in the menu of the Clickfree app. You can check this by opening the app with Clickfree plugged into your phone, Op...

Getting stared with Clickfree -- iPhone and Android

Clickfree is the easiest way to protect the photos you take on the go. Simply plug the Clickfree into your mobile phone or tablet, start the Clickfree app, and watch your Clickfree save all of your photos. Install the Clickfree App If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download the application from the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clickfreebackup.clickfree). If you have an iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad you can get the Clickfree (M...