How do I save my scanned photos to my phone or Clickfree?

To save already scanned photos, you should be in the Scan Photos section from the main screen of the Clickfree app. 


Click the image of scanned photographs and now you can click the three dots at the top right of the screen and choose multiselect (if you want to save multiple). Here all of the pictures will have small clear circles on them that allow you to select the images you want and when selected, they will have a blue checkmark. To also select just one image or a few, just hold down the image of the one you want to save and the same checkmark capability will show up on the image. 

Once your images are selected, you can choose to save, share, or delete at the bottom of the screen. 

Save to album will save to your phone's photos album and save to Clickfree will save directly to the Clickfree.