Clickfree App Installation Guide and Use of the Menu options For IOS (part 5)

Clickfree App Installation Guide and Use of the Menu options For IOS

Now some features in “View Backup Storage”

You can create new folders for your Clickfree. I find this most helpful when adding pictures and videos from your PC (gray folder button on the top left corner).

You can select the contents- looking option. This will allow you to change the backup order based on time, name and type. You can also select how you would like the thumbnails to appear.

This shows what the arrow and the home button does when in the “view backup storage” section.

The arrow will bring you to the home page, while the house button will bring you to the beginning of the “view backup storage” files.

 At any time, this blue and white house will bring you to the home page as well.

This option here allows you to see what is on your phone at the time. To be activated, it needs to show up as a blue color. 



To copy photos from your Clickfree to your phone, here are the steps.

Insert the Clickfree to your phone and Open the Clickfree.

Tap View Backup Storage.

Choose a folder that you would want to choose images from. 

Once you choose a folder, you will see your images. 

To select an image, hold down on an image with your finger for a second and the “Select all” button will appear at the top left corner of the app screen. 

You can use that button or select a few images you want and a blue checkmark will show up on the bottom right corner of the image’s thumbnail.

You can now choose the “Copy to” option and it will open the image on the right as shown above. You choose the “iphone album” option to move the copied photos into there. 

Once there, you will see folders that you can paste your images back into. 

You can also create a new folder to paste the images into. 


The trash can will delete any selected images from the Clickfree. 

The share option allows you to share the selected photos any way you would like. Text, email, etc. 

At present, after clicking the "More" button, the options appear differently according to the selected file, mainly in the following cases:

1. Single selection of the files in Clickfree, the "Cancel "and "Rename" options will appear;

2. Multiple selection of files in Clickfree, the "Cancel "option will appear;

3. Whether you single-select or multi-select the files in iPhone, only the "Cancel" option will appear.


Tap “Camera Roll”.

Click OK to give permission for the first time.

Anytime you want to take a video or photo using the Clickfree, this screen will show up and you can choose between the two. 


Tap on the “Backup Social Media Photos”.

Social Media app options will show up based on what you have on your electronic device. Choose the app you would like to backup from and give permission for the first time. 

Keep following the prompts.



The hamburger menu is Clickfree’s Settings and this can be found in the Upper Left corner of your screen by tapping the three horizontal lines. 

On the Hamburger menu, you can find the Cache, Language, Third-Party Setting, Format, Backup, About, Help, and Get Help. 

  • Cache - This is data files that are stored temporarily in your Clickfree’s Memory. Clearing the cache will NOT remove Any photos/Videos from your device.

  • Language - In this option, you can change the Language of the Mo Disk App. 

  • Third-Party Open Setting - This is where you can choose which Media Player you want to use for your Videos. 

These are the Media players that you can choose. 

  • Format - This is where you can format the Clickfree. This option can be used for troubleshooting. 


If you will use this option for troubleshooting, 

Tap External Storage, Then Tap Format. 

Your format should be in FAT32 and not exFAT. This can usually be rest simply be reformatting the device: click the clear circle to check mark it and hit the format option on the bottom of the screen. 

Note: this will delete everything currently in the Clickfree, so only do so if you know the photos are saved somewhere else such as your PC.

We have ways to help fix this on the website and by reaching out to us. 


  • Backup - It has three options: Automatic Backup, Delete the Local data backup is complete, and Clear Backup data. 

⬅️ You can turn this ON if you want the Datalogixx to automatically back up your files.

⬅️ This option will allow you to delete the Photos and Videos from your Phone’s storage after the backup. 

⬅️ This operation will clear the current USB drive backup information. 

  • About - This is where you can find the Firmware of the Clickfree and the Version of the App. 

  • Help  - When you tap on this option, it will route you to the easycustomersupport.com site where you can find answers to your questions and contact a Live Representative through chat. This is connected to our website at clickfreebackup.com. 


  • Export Log -  this allows you to send in a report to us about what is occurring within the app. You can click here and the email option and email us at info@datalogixxmemory.com or wecare@datalogixxmemory.com . 

You can also use the help option and go to the live chat option and go back to this page to export, “copy” and past the issue into the live chat.