Clickfree information

How many Photos and Videos will a Clickfree hold?

That is a great question! capacity of Clickfree Clickfree can hold thousands upon thousands of pictures and video. For more specific details, see the table below!

Does Clickfree duplicate files each time it is plugged in/used?

The Clickfree knows if a picture or video has been backed up previously and DOES NOT duplicate/resave the same image a second time. Likewise, if you end a complete backup before it finishes, the Clickfree also knows this and will pick up from where it left off.

Does Clickfree delete files

No. Clickfree does not delete images or videos automatically as it processes them for backup. The Clickfree Development team specifically made the decision for the user to decide what pictures they want to delete. The only way they would be deleted after backup is if the button was on for "Delete the local Backup" in the menu of the Clickfree app. You can check this by opening the app with the clickfree plugged into your phone, Open the menu -on the left corner of the screen and clicking on ba...

Does Clickfree back up emails?

No, unfortunately the Clickfree device does not have the ability to back up or save email. However, if you wish to use Clickfree to backup your mailbox, you can easily do this by using File Explorer on a PC/Windows, or Files on a MAC to copy the Mailbox file from your computer to your Clickfree.

How to: Replace the memory card on Clickfree & Datalogixx

In the rare event it is necessary to replace the Clickfree adapter, the process of swapping the memory card to the new device is simple! Follows is both a video tutorial as well as a pdf instruction page that will show you how to quickly and easily perform this task! Download the instructions here: (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nunpEnO7PUTi6i5VXKfOb8kNjJqHlBs0/view?usp=sharing)

The most important thing for a successful Backup is TIME!

If you have thousands upon thousands of photos and videos, a complete backup will take several hours to complete that is why we recommend having a full battery and setting aside several hours for your first backup. Most phones store only a few images on the device and the majority in the cloud. Clickfree needs to make sure it downloads and saves every single one of those precious memories. However, if you don’t have the time for that, don’t worry! The great thing about Clickfree is that it st...

The types of connector tips on your Clickfree or Datalogixx Device

Clickfree is universal to connect with all types of devices! Click free contains 4 tips: - Lightning Tip for Iphones/iPads - Micro USB for Android and Amazon Fire Tablets - USB-C tip for new Apple devices, Android phones & Tablets - USB-A Tip for PC & MAC Connections:

How to Remove and Reinsert the memory chip/ card for Clickfree

Here's how you can Remove and Reinsert the SD card on the Clickfree > On the USB Tip, there's an SD Card inserted. ​​​​​​Attached is a video for removing the SD card and inserting back into the shell.