Datalogixx MO Disk App Installation Guide and Use of the Menu options For IOS

MO Disk App Installation Guide and Use of the Menu options For IOS

First Opening the App  

        Tap “Allow”                                       This allows you to reach customer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           service right away. Type your Email                                               

                                                                      if you would like to do that.       



⬅️ Backup Everything - If you want to back up your Photos, Videos, and Contacts all at once, you may tap this option. 

⬅️ Backup Photos/Videos - This option allows you to select Photos and Videos that you want to backup. 

⬅️ Backup Contacts - If you want to back up just your Contacts, you may choose this option. 

⬅️ View Backup Storage - This option allows you to view the backup files. 

⬅️ Use Camera - This option will allow you to take Photos and Videos that will be stored directly on the Datalogixx device.



When you Tap the Backup Everything Button, it will start to back up all the Photos, Videos, and Contacts.


 Select backup photos/videos

Give the app permission for the first time. 

The loading page will look like this.

⬅️ Tap “Add Wonderful Moments”

You can now select specific 

images or you can choose the 

select all button at the top to 

backup all photos and videos.

 A blue checkmark will show 

when they are selected. 


Press the blue backup button 

at the bottom of the screen 

when you're ready. 

And you will see a screen 

similar to this while it is 

backing up. 

It shows how much space

those photos and videos

will take. 

NOTE: Release Space 279.2 MB - Can Delete photos (8)

             This is for the phone’s storage. For example:

If the cx deleted the 8 photos on her Phone’s  storage, it will free up 279.2 MB of space on her phone. 


Once the backup is completed, you will receive a notification and they will now be in a folder under “View Backup Photos” from the home screen of the app. 

When you select multiple, it may ask for you to create a new folder right away and it will tell you when the backup is complete. 



Tap contacts to back them up. Accept permissions upon the first time using this option. 


Your screen should then look something similar to this. Click the blue backup button at the bottom of the page to backup your contacts.


⬅️ On this screen, you will see the Contact(s)

that haven’t been backed up yet


This screen shows that the Backup is in progress.    

You will get this screen 

once the Contacts have 

been successfully backed 



 Tap view Backup Storage

This here shows that you are currently using the Datalogixx as it is selected, it is a blue color. It would be gray if you switch to phone option. The only way you can view from the Datalogixx is by making sure that this is highlighted in blue


You can now choose a folder that 

you would like to view. 


Now some features in “View Backup Storage”

You can create new folders for your Datalogixx (top left corner above the folders). I find this most helpful when adding pictures and videos from your PC. 


You can select the contents- looking option (next to the folder). This will allow you to change the backup order based on time, name and type. You can also select how you would like the thumbnails to appear.

This option here allows you to see what is on your phone at the time. To be activated, it needs to show up as a blue color.

This house (at the top right) will bring you to the home page of the app anytime. 

This option is “select” and when selected it changes to cancel. 


In select, you have the option to select a few or all of the folders. 

You can “select all” at the top left corner as well. 

They can be copies to your phone, deleted, shared, and more. As shown at the bottom of the screen.


This option will allow you to take Photos and Videos that will be stored directly on the Datalogixx device.

Tap “Camera Roll”.

Please make sure to grant

access to your camera by 

tapping the OK button. 


Give permission to your microphone and your camera.


When permissions are granted, you will be asked if you want to take photos or videos. This is what the modes look like. 

⬅️ Photo Mode

          Video Mode ➡️


The hamburger menu is Datalogixx’s Settings and this can be found in the Upper Left corner of your screen by tapping the three horizontal lines. 

On the Hamburger menu, you can find the Cache, Language, Third-Party Setting, Format, Backup, About, Help, and Get Help. 

  • Cache - This is the data files that are stored temporarily in your Datalogixx’s Memory. Clearing the cache will NOT remove any photos/Videos from your device.

  • Language - In this option, you can change the Language of the Mo Disk App. 

  • Third-Party Open Setting - This is where you can choose which Media Player you want to use for your Videos. 

These are the Media players that you can choose.

  • Format - This is where you can format the Datalogixx. This also tells you how much space you have used and you have free on the Datalogixx device. This option can be used for troubleshooting. And it will erase your device for you. 

If you will use this option for troubleshooting, 

Tap External Storage, Then Tap Format. 


Your format should be in FAT32 and not exFAT. This can usually be rest simply be reformatting the device: click the clear circle to check mark it and hit the format option on the bottom of the screen. 

Note: this will delete everything currently in the Datalogixx, so only do so if you know the photos are saved somewhere else such as your PC.

We have ways to help fix this on the website and by reaching out to us. 

  • Backup - It has three options: Automatic Backup, Delete the Local data backup is complete, and Clear Backup data. 

⬅️ You can turn this ON if you want the Datalogixx to automatically back up your files.

⬅️ This option will allow you to delete the Photos and Videos from your Phone’s storage after the backup. 

⬅️ This operation will clear the current USB drive backup information. 

  • About - This is where you can find the Firmware of the Datalogixx and the Version of the App. 

  • Help  - When you tap on this option, it will route you to the datalogixxmemory.com site where you can contact a Live Representative through chat. 


  • Get Help - This option is more likely an FAQ page.